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I had a really hard time putting this post together, because I am on a diet… and all of these drinks sound so unbelievably delicious! It’s taking all of my will power not to go into the kitchen and create one of these cold weather concoctions. Anyways, for those of you who aren’t on a diet… may I suggest serving one of these at your engagement party? Or bridal shower…or any party, really. Or just make one for yourself!

First up is this “pumpkin spice hot chocolate,” mmmm. Perfect for those of you who may not be big coffee drinkers but want to get in on the pumpkin spice action that is everywhere this time of year. Click here for the full recipe from Cookies & Cups!

Next up we have have a “pumpkin pie cider smoothie”… oh my. What a combination! You can get the full recipe right here.

Apple cider is one of my favorite drinks ever, so I’m sure it would be great in punch form. I even “cheated” on my diet the other day by ordering a hot apple cider at the pumpkin patch… how could I resist!? Check out the apple cider punch recipe.

Just looking at this next one makes my mouth water… it’s an “apple cider float.” Wowza. Hot spiced apple cider, caramel, and vanilla ice cream. Crap. Why am I on a diet again? ;) You can read how to make your own here!

This next one is the perfect fall party drink. It’s a “Grown up pumpkin pie milkshake,” aka, with Bourbon. I’m sure you could make it without the Bourbon too. Anyways, it looks delicious, especially with the candy around the rim. Click here for the recipe on How Sweet It Is.

Lastly, we have another hot chocolate recipe–“pumpkin pie white hot chocolate,” that is. Sounds mighty tasty if you ask me. Check out the recipe here!

What’s your favorite fall drink?


Have a lovely Monday!

Mary and Chris met at church in 2009, and when they traveled to New Orleans for a mission trip they had a chance to really get to know each other. They learned that they both have a love for music, books, coffee shops, and nature, so of course they started spending more time together when they got back from the trip, and started dating not long after.

When Chris decided to ask Mary to be his wife, he arranged it so that they would be with Mary’s family in northern Alabama for the weekend. While they were there, Chris convinced Mary to go on a walk with him in the woods, where he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Of course she said YES!, and they went back and celebrated with her whole family.

Tessa of Light Love Laughter Photography captured the lovely photos of Mary and Chris in Augusta, Georgia. Tessa said that “their love is true and it runs deep – they are light hearted and just love being together.”

Enjoy the beautiful photos, and make sure to check out Tessa’s blog to see even more gorgeousness from the shoot. Mary and Chris’ wedding photos from this summer are on her blog too–I highly recommend taking a peek! :)

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!


Hey Friends!

As a long time fan of BT&B, I am so thrilled to get to share with you! I approached Becky last month about doing some guest writing on the blog and we are incredibly excited about the new endeavor.

So what do I have to offer to Bow Ties and Bliss?

Well, I am a recently engaged (eek!) college senior in the process of planning a May wedding. We are on a low, and I mean low, budget so every part of the wedding process is going to be hands on. My fiance is without a doubt the most perfect man in the world for me and our life together is one crazy ride. Our mantra is from a Disney movie, “Adventure is out there!” and I honestly can say I feel my heart pitter-patter a little faster every time I think about walking down the aisle towards our life together. I’m talking butterflies in the stomach and stars in my eyes.

Since I know you’re curious, here’s a sneak of the proposal.

You can find the rest of that story here.

So far, the wedding planning process has been challenging. I’m not sure if I thought it would be easy, but it’s not all flowers and cake, people. Trust me.

I am originally from a tiny town in Mid-Missouri and when I graduated high school I headed straight to the South for school. I love the accents, the tea, the hospitality and my sweet Momma knows I’m probably never moving back to the Mid-West.

Because the majority of our wedding guests will be from the South, and because both of us love it here, we wanted the wedding to be here.

Let’s pause here so I can tell you the most important sentence in wedding planning:Everyone has an opinion.

So far, in every decision we’ve made, someone has wanted us to change what we’ve decided in order to accommodate them. And I only tell you this because I really and truly wish I could accommodate for them and I value all the opinions, but honestly we have had to be selfish in the decisions we’ve made.

My first instinct is to try and find a way to make it work for everyone, but trust me. It ain’t gonna happen, ladies.

I digress.

As we make our way together towards May, I hope to be honest and open about the process. I hope my writing lets you into my life and you feel like you’re a part of this process.¬† You’re probably not going to get an invitation, obviously. But my hopes are to be so raw with this all that I don’t hold anything back. One week might be dedicated to flowers and one might be a rant about how impossible it is to get around using the ever-dreaded porta potties at our outdoor wedding (Yes, this is a real issue).

So for this week, because I know all of that was incredibly dreary, I’ll share my first wedding project: Save the Dates!

To preface, my mom is a graphic designer and so talented it makes me crazy. She walked me through pretty much every step of this.

I wanted our Save the Dates (I’m trying so hard not to abbreviate that… and now you know where my immaturity level is sometimes) to be unique and fun and convey our personalities.

First, I had my heart set on making these:

Aren’t they darling?

I had even bought a perforated blade for the inside piece. Then I realized two roadblocks. One, I had no idea how to letterpress. Two, how do you mail these tiny things?

So I found new inspiration.

I mean, come on. Are these perfect or what?

And I know the woman who makes these worked tirelessly to make these beautiful creations and a part of me wonders if I should even share with you what we made but at the risk of being sued for copyright, I am going to. If any of you are personal friends with this lady, tell her she is an inspiration and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And also, that I could never in a million years afford her $1,400 price tag.

I also blame whoever pinned these to pinterest.

So I sent the image to my Momma Bear to see what we could do. I downloaded a few fonts from (If you haven’t used this site, it’s a dream. Kid in a candy store kind of dream). We got all the printing done at Office Max, which I thought was really random advice from my mom, but they did a great job for really cheap.

Now, the pencils were a little harder to find. Apparently you can only order custom pencils in huge quantities unless you want to pay fifty cents a pencil. That adds up.

So I ended up ordering around 500 pencils. Deep breath, I have big plans for the remainder.

I got a phone call from the pencil company that my first choice of natural wood with the gold writing wouldn’t show up well (in hindsight, this seems obvious) and they suggested I switch the pencil color. I painstakingly opted for the white pencil with gold writing. I was nervous about the white pencil on white paper look, but in actuality, I think it works wonderfully.

The finished product looked a little something like this. The colors are much brighter in person, but poor lighting in our kitchen washes them out a little.

Then I ordered kraft paper envelopes from this gem of a website. Seriously, people charge outrageous prices for envelopes! Envelope Mall sent me 200 envelopes for $20 plus shipping which was fantastic compared to everything else I could find.

I grabbed a teensy stamp and a couple white paint pens from Michael’s and set to work on the envelopes.

Finishing these bad boys had me feeling mighty accomplished. Overall, the process was really fun. I love creative freedom on projects and felt like I really portrayed the feel we want for the wedding in them.

I know the rest of the projects may seem daunting, but having one done is a serious confidence boost.

So until next week, all my wedding love,


This DIY Oregon wedding is the perfect combination of sweet and sentimental with fun and quirky. Katie and Charlie are overflowing with joy in every photo and I can’t help but smile as I witness the love in these photos. Katie and Charlie were married at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon on a sunny October day. emily g photography captured the lovely photos, and as a matter of fact you can see even more right here on Emily’s blog. I love the bright red and blue color palette, the flowers by Ink & Peat, the giant balloons, the kilts, and all of the fun DIY projects that Katie did. There is just so much to love about this wedding! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Emily!

{Vendors: Photographer – emily g photography / Venue – McMenamins Edgefield / Florist – Ink & Peat / Cake – Decadent Creations / DJ – Maushole}

Have a happy Wednesday!


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