You’ve ogled over photos of them.  You’ve seen them in weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and other fun get togethers. You may have even baked them yourself or tasted their deliciousness. Cake pops, people! They seem to be everywhere these days…and I certainly am not objecting. But I have noticed people taking it a step further, and all sorts of pops have been ‘popping up’ lately. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Pie Pops

Mini pie on a stick? Why the heck not? I just love the idea of these! You can essentially make any flavor of pie, any shape, etc. How cute are these heart-shaped ones? The pops in the bottom photo are cookie dough pie pops…YUM! Click the link below the photos for the recipes!

{via Our Best Bites}

{via Cookies & Cups}

Or, if you don’t feel like taking the DIY route, you can buy some fabulous looking pie pops from Cakewalk Desserts ($25/dozen).

2. Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow pops are wonderful because of their ease and lack of talent needed to make them. I mean like, even I could make them. :) Also they are freaking adorable AND delicious. So it’s a win for everyone! A recipe for the pops below can be found here, and another recipe for adorable pink marshmallow pops can be found here.

{via the Wicked Noodle}

3. Cookie Pops

I’m beginning to believe that everything is better on a stick. Who wants to get their hands dirty with frosting or chocolate or icing? Especially at a wedding… I mean come on! That’s why this whole ‘pop’ thing is so ingenious. Anyways, these are yummy cookie pops. Check out the DIY tutorial here!

{via Belle Amour}

4. Macaron Pops

My heart started racing when I saw these. Is that weird? I am *slightly* obsessed with macarons. Put them on a stick with a cute little bow, and…I can hardly handle the cuteness. These particular pops are raspberry mascarpone macarons by Tartlette. Recipe right here!

{via Tartlette}

5. Rice Krispy Pops

These are a fun idea for anyone who loves Rice Krispies. They are also nice and easy to make like the marshmallow pops and cookie pops. Check out the recipe here!

{via Korean American Mommy}

6. Cookie Dough Pops

They may look similar to cake pops, but don’t be fooled. These are filled with scrumptious chocolate chip cookie dough! But don’t worry, no raw eggs in this recipe. These look absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to make them. I am definitely most excited about these and the macaron pops. You can find the recipe right here!

{via Baked Perfection}

7. Brownie Pops

I just love all of these ideas so much, every single one of them looks absolutely delicious. I think if I re-did my wedding I would have a dessert table with everything on a stick… basically all of the creations in this post. YUM. Don’t these brownie pops look delish? See the recipe here. Another wonderful tutorial can be found on Intimate Weddings.

{via Whisk}

8. Truffle Pops

Whoa, that’s a lot of yum for one picture. I don’t know about you guys but this post has got me drooling. These are basically all of my favorite desserts, decorated to perfection, in tiny bite-size form. It’s almost too much to handle… but there’s only one left after this so I think I can get through it.  See the truffle pop tutorial here!

{via Take a Megabite}

9. And of course the one that started it all… cake pops!

The first time I ever heard of cake pops was through the queen of cake pops herself, Bakerella. I came across her lovely website a year or so ago, and I have always wanted to make these delicious creations but haven’t as of yet! Some day. :) I particularly love these wedding cake-shaped cake pops. Too cute! Make sure to check out to see tons of other adorable ideas and recipes!

{via Bakerella}

So, what’s your favorite ‘pop’?

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Cake pops, marshmallow pops, pie pops… Oh my!

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[…] Instead of ordering the super sweet treat bags this year, I thought I might change it up and try my hand with these chocolate covered rice crispy treat pops. They look delicious! You can find them HERE. […]

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